9 New Movies & TV Shows to Watch in June 2022

#09 Only Murders in the Building

Hulus' recent hit Only Murders in the Building has been renewed for its' season two and alongside with Selena Gomez role as Mabel Mora has fans raving for the new episodes. The popular hit is set to arrive to viewers on Jun. 28 and will be to be binged.

#08 Westworld

The sci-fi hit Westworld makes its' debut with season four planning to air on Jun. 26. Streaming on HBO, the hit gets revamped from the iconic 1973 Michael Crichton movie that will involve wealthy vacationers at your not so average park with some consequences they will not forget.

#07 Elvis

Elvis is ready to hit the big screen once again! and this time actor Austin Butler has embodied the role and is ready to premier this Jun. 24. The film will show us a glimpse the life of the King of Rock and Roll throughout his journey of fame and excess. 

#06 The Umbrella Academy

As the superhero kids from the Umbrella Academy prepare to the save the world, season three introduces a new foe in their rivial academy, Sparrow Origin. The awaited season is set to release Jun. 22 on Netflix streaming platforms.

#05 Love, Victor

Victor is ready for his come back and this Jun. 15, he and his friends are ready to go through a new experience as this is their last year in high school. The group will go through self-discovery and will have to embrace themselves as graduation is around the corner.

#04 Spiderhead

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, takes on the role of scientist and experimentist Steve Abnesti, where inmates are introduced to mind-altering drugs that are taken on a path to looking for a cure to save human lives.

#03 The Father of The Bride

A romcom coming to HBO this June, gets a remake and is ready to to pop the pretty question but this time the film will be told through the lens of a Cuban-American family with an over protective father and things will take a slight turn but in the best way.

#02 First Kill

For these two love birds its' a take back to a family disagreement between a vampire hunter and a newbie vampire that is looking to do her first murder. Coming Jun. 10, to Netflix

#01 Jennifer Lopez: Halftime

Popstar Jennifer Lopez had her huge perfomance in the Supebowl IV and we get to watch along from the comfort of our own homes and see how how the singer stole the moment. Airing on June 14.

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