Baby Elephant Brazos Predicts PBR Champ

The infant elephant was defiant in his prediction for PBR Champ. The competition continues this weekend at Dickies Arena

Previously without any hesitation, and much to the dismay of Joe Burrow, Brazos gave an approving hip-check on the boomer ball painted in the colors of the Los Angeles Rams

now-famous elephant kicked aside (and subsequently tossed) pickets of five bull riders to predict the champ of this week’s PBR World Finals.

So, who did he pick? 

That's a No For Kaique Pacheco

Not Picking Joao Ricardo

No Love For Daylon Swearingen 

Brazos Like Jose Vitor Leme

And, if you’re interested in seeing if his prediction is correct, you can attend the PBR World Finals at Dickies Arena all weekend.

The riders have already completed their first four rides of the tournament and will begin the second half of the tourney Thursday. The PBR will crown a world champ Sunday night

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