Boeing Starliner is set to Launch on May 19, Will it Fail Again?

It All started few Years ago when 2 space enthusiasts were hyped to have the possibility of 2 more new spacecraft  which can serves  the needs of American astronauts

Both SpaceX Crew Dragon and the Boeing Starliner were Developed And Tested At The same time, this  would have become  in the history books

This was also hard to take certified astronauts and amateurs, into the earth orbit and back: the Crew Dragon

On the other hand Boeing’s Machine, failed miserably to deliver. When it first tried to fly in space and dock with the International Space Station (ISS)

It was In December 2019 when It departed Earth, reached orbit, but cound not complete its mission

Boeing Machine got launched in August 2021 but this time it didn't even cross earth due to its malfunction of some kind with a valve

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