Dog Rescued After Spending Days At Bottom of Cave

A location scouting trip turned into a major rescue operation when a group of hikers in Indiana found a dog who had been stuck in a cave for days.

The black and white pup, named Hawkeye, was at the bottom of a 30-foot pit in Dewey Hickman Nature Reserve when the passersby found him emaciated. 

It's estimated he could have been in the hole for up to two weeks, having lost significant weight and appearing malnourished.

Tray Heinke, part of the team that performed the impromptu extrication, was in the area helping friends trying to find the perfect spot for one of them to propose. That's when he saw the animal.

 “We spotted his collar about 15 feet down surrounded by claw marks," said Heinke. "He then withstood another 15 foot drop to the floor of the pit."

It's possible Hawkeye's collar got caught on a branch halfway into the cave. The dog might have freed himself, only to slip further down.

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