Fruit Face Packs For Supple Skin In Summer

Seasonal fruits are not just tasty to eat but can do wonders for your skin.

Here are some fruit face packs that you can try this summer to get supple skin.

Jamun Face Pack

This face pack acts as a blood purifier and is good for treating acne breakouts

Add the pulp of jamun and a small amount of rose water to a bowl. Mix it well and apply for a few mins

Watermelon Face Pack

Watermelons are high in vitamin C and have anti-ageing properties

Apply watermelon juice with a cotton swab on your face and wash it off within 15 mins

Strawberry Face Pack

Alpha-hydroxy and salicylic acid present in strawberries help with UV damage and anti-ageing treatment

Mangoes contain beta-carotene, vitamins C and E that help fight free radicals and make the skin healthy from within

Mash the pulp of a ripe mango until it is smooth and add fullers earth to it. Make a thick paste and apply it over your face and neck. Rinse it off once it dries