How To Boost Your Computers Performance

Is your computer taking longer to load than normal or becoming unresponsive? Certain factors, such as heavy CPU usage or insufficient storage, eventually slow down the system

Here are some ways you can boost your computer's performance

Check for viruses

You should check if your computer is infected with malware if it is slow and takes a long time to load

Uninstall old applications

There are various unused and forgotten applications on our system, which could be another reason for the computer's slow performance

Free up hard drive space

One of the other key reasons that limit the computer's processing speed by up to 50% is a hard drive that is at least 85% full. Delete or relocate files that you no longer require

Clean your browser

Opening 12-14 tabs at once can cause your browser to get overloaded and impact system performance. Close extra tabs as and when the task is completed

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