Mom left husband for soulmate gets rejected

A mom of two has been mocked on social media after revealing she left her longtime husband for a man she believed to be her “soul mate” — only for him to promptly reject her

Amanda Trenfield has been described by critics as a “self-destructive sociopath” for writing about the emotional saga in her new book, “When A Soulmate Says No

In an excerpt, Trenfield describes meeting her “soul mate” Jason at a dinner party. Although they did not do anything physical, the mom of two said she was permanently changed by their electric chemistry

Over the course of the evening, my attraction to Jason developed. I soon became aware of his every breath and I unconsciously mirrored his pace. I caught myself, embarrassingly, looking at his chest through his slim-fitted white evening shirt. Yes, he had a fit, toned and attractive body, but was it his chest I was drawn to?

Less than a month later, Trenfield ended her 14-year-marriage with her husband, despite not having had any further communication with Jason since the night of the dinner party

In spite of her memoir’s title, Trenfield gets rejected by Jason The piece quickly went viral on Twitter, with many seeming to enjoy the prospect of Trenfield’s heartbreak. However, the author also had a small number of supporters, who commended her for writing her emotional truth

She ruined her life for nothing! One of the biggest losses we’ve ever seen.

She actually didn’t ‘ruin’ her life for nothing. She left a marriage that most likely needed to end, otherwise she wouldn’t have been swayed by another. It looks like she’s happy making the best of the situation. Her ex-husband is probably happier too. Sounds like a win