NASA Industry To Collaborate On Space Communications By 2025

NASA selected six American satellite communications (SATCOM) providers on April 20 to begin developing and demonstrating near-Earth space communication

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The agency has been evaluating the feasibility of employing commercial SATCOM networks for near-Earth operations as it works to decommission its near-Earth satellite fleet.

This Approach Would Allow NASA To focus more time and resources on its deep space exploration and science missions.

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The Combined Value Of the agency's Communications Services Project (CSP) funded agreements is $278.5 million

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NASA Expects Each Company To match or exceed agency contributions during the five-year development and demonstration period, totaling more than $1.5 billion of cost-share investment.

NASA Intends To Seek Multiple Long-term contracts to acquire services for near-Earth operations by 2030, while phasing out NASA owned and operated systems.

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