NASA to Send Nude Pictures of Humans Into Space To Attract Aliens

A group of NASA researchers hoping to send a new message from Earth to extraterrestrials. 

The proposed message includes a drawing of DNA, a simple representation of a world map, a diagram about gravity, and two very pixelated illustrations of a naked man and woman. Houston, are you flirting with me?

The project, dubbed “A Beacon in the Galaxy,” is scientists’ latest effort to make contact with other intelligent (sensual?) life in the universe. The message would be written in binary code, which experts believe is our most decipherable form of communication.

Aw, they’re waving! And naked! Our natural human form. I can’t wait for the aliens to arrive on Earth like, “So some of you have a V down there and others have … a couple of lumpy circles? Very cool.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve transmitted pictures of our privates into space. As Scientific American notes, the plaques sent on the Pioneer missions in the early 1970s included 

illustrations of a naked man and woman. In comparison to these newly proposed images, those seem significantly more graphic given their clarity.

A few pixels in the shape of a vagina is far from the most bizarre thing humans have sent into space. We’ve sent a recording of the Beatles’s 

“Across the Universe” — a little on the nose, which is probably why we’ve never heard back.

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