Small French Town Hosts Mini Cannes Film Festival

As the Cannes Film Festival kicked off on the Mediterranean, the French town of Castelmaurou celebrated the 9th edition of its own film festival, a smaller version of the original Cannes.

The event was held at a small cinema theater, whose owners seek to bring people some happiness by making them feel like they are attending the world’s biggest cinema event with all the cameras, lights, and media.

Castelmaurou is located near the city of Toulouse, southern France. Its residences believe that is if they can’t go to the red carpet, the red carpet should come to them.

For this purpose, the civil association running the Méliès theater laid a red carpet at the hall’s entrance and invited local photographers to take photos of the guests

The event was attended by 200 people, men wore rented tuxedos, and women wore evening dresses accessorized with real or fake jewels. They walked slowly, stood in front of the cameras, and waved like A-list stars.

The mini-Cannes concept was carried out by 50 volunteers of cinema fans, who started working early on the event’s day.

They hanged banners, decorated the cinema’s entrance with palms and flowers, and dusted off the screen’s curtain to give the spectators a delightful illusion.

They also laid a red carpet to create an ambiance of fame and luxury, as many believe: “I walk on the red carpet, that means I exist.”

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