Tips To Relax And Manage

Often find yourself getting overwhelmed in stressful situations?

Here are a few tips to manage stress and keep yourself calm and relaxed.

Breathing exercises Indulge yourself in deep breathing exercises and meditation when in a stressful situation as they help calm you down and relax

Change your focus  from your stressful situation to something positive. It can help reduce stress and make you feel better

Talk to someone Sometimes expressing your worries to someone can be the best way to get some stress relief

Take a nap  It can be helpful to shut down your conscious mind and relax by taking a nap when you are anxious, stressed or irritable

Listen to music Listen to your favourite songs and shake your body with little trembles. It helps lower your heart rate, blood pressure and cortisol levels, thereby decreasing stress

Go for a walk  When under stress, go take a small walk outside. It helps you improve your mood and releases endorphins or the happy hormones

Healthy nutrition  Following a healthy diet with essential minerals and vitamins such as vitamin B,C, D, antioxidants, magnesium, etc is a great way to release stress

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