US actor and activist Forest Whitaker honoured at Cannes Film Festival

At Cannes Film Festival, US actor, producer, author and activist Forest Whitaker has received a Palme d'honneur, .

Not just for his prolific career, but also for his commitment to projects through the Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative that he founded in 2012

He was joined on the red carpet by the production team of the film "For the Sake of Peace".

It's a documentary that took more than six years to film and bears witness to the consequences of the civil war in South Sudan that has left 400,000 people dead since 2013.

The film was co-directed by Christophe Castagne and Thomas Sametin of the French production company R2.

The object of this film is to put South Sudan back into focus, to explain what's going on there," added co-director Sametin.

The narrative tells the tale of two villages whose residents kill each other over repeated cattle thefts.

The other main protagonist in the film is a young man threatened with death because of his ethnic origin..

In a refugee camp, he finds meaning in his life and brings peace by refereeing football matches.

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