Want to master Wordle? Try out these tips to quickly solve the popular game

Here are a couple of handy tips on how to master Wordle (and similar games).

Best first word for Wordle

It's perhaps the most important step when playing Wordle: what word do I choose first? 

Even a mathematician tested out an algorithm to help determine what starting words might work best.

There are a couple of different approaches. My technique: use a word with lots of vowels, three to four to be precise.

I often start with words like OILED, ABOUT or ADIEU.  You could also try the Wheel of Fortune approach and focus on words with R, S, T, L, N and E.

For example, STERN or RENTS is a good word using several popular consonants.

This is where Wordle can sometimes mess with you. If you're stuck on a word and none of the other letters make sense,

Don't forget 5-letter words with double letters

it's possible the answer uses the same letter more than once. This is where the virtual keyboard on the Wordle website helps.

Pay close attention to the letters you have available. It can help you figure out whether you need to repeat a letter.

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