Ways To Fix A Laptop That Wont Charge

You rely on your laptops battery to keep you working throughout the day and night, but what happens if it stops charging?

Here are some ways to fix a laptop that wont charge

Check all physical connections

Check the basics before diving into deeper troubleshooting for this charging issue. Make sure the charging wire is firmly placed into the charging port on your laptop

Remove the battery and drain the charge

After removing the battery, press and hold the power button for a few seconds to discharge any charge in the system. Connect the charger and try to turn your laptop on after that

Reduce laptop resource usage

It's possible your charger may not be replenishing the battery quickly enough if your computer is overengaging its system resources

Let your laptop cool down

When batteries work hard to power your laptop, they generate heat, but when they work too hard, they can overheat and cause a variety of issues

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