What Does The Shape Of Your Thumb Reveal About You?

With a "thumbs up", you are letting a person understand your personality. 

 According to palmistry, the shape of your thumb reveals a lot about your personality.

There are two shapes of thumbs. One is the crooked shape and the other is the straight one. These two dominant shapes of the thumb can reveal a lot more about you.

Wondering how?  Well, check for the angle of the thumb if it is standing straight or does it curve. This defines it into the two categories of thumb.

So, go ahead and find out more on this!

The Straight Thumb Few people have a straight thumb when they show a thumbs up sign. Which means that there is no bend to the bones at all. On the other hand, the thumb does not even slightly retract backwards over the knuckle

This means that you’re a bit more serious than other people. You can be grumpy and easily annoyed at times. You have your low moments, when you see the entire world through grey-tinted glasses.

It can be really difficult for you to show your emotions at those moments. Your quality of life is important to you, and you value your health, your friends and your family greatly

A Crooked Thumb  This is the most common type of thumb that people have. Just like in the picture, the thumb looks crooked as the back of the thumb curves. It can curve a lot or a little, depending on the person.

This means that you’re a very expressive and eccentric person. You gladly share your opinions with other people and you have no trouble showing your emotions.

You think it’s important what other people think of your personality and your appearance, and you can be quite sensitive to this. You spend a lot of time on your appearance.

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